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Cory Monteith’s band, The Bonnie Dune, Release One Of The Last Songs Monteith Ever Recorded

Posted on February 5, 2014 by

Cory Monteith may be gone but his legacy is preserved in his music. Bonnie Dune, the band Monteith was part of, has released one of Montieth’s last recorded songs titled “Maybe Tonight.”

The new release is the first of the six songs on the band’s second EP Miramar, out on iTunes today.

The rock song is upbeat with a calm tone to it with Monteith’s drumming a central part to the song.

Bonnie Dune shared “Maybe Tonight” with E! News and opened up to them about working with Cory in his final months.

“Some things happened where Cory needed to take a break and we realized that he was struggling and that he was having a hard time, so we took a bit of a hiatus from the writing and recording process,” said¬†Justin Wilczynski, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

The band had originally planned to record a full ten track album but instead decided to just release the six songs Monteith was part of. Though he never heard the finished product, Monteith did hear half of it, including the final version of “Maybe Tonight.” Wilczynski said Monteith thought the songs were “amazing” and that he could not “believe how great it turned out.”

Monteith played a large role in bringing Bonnie Dune together and is still featured in all the promotional artwork for the band. Monteith met Wilczynski while filming MTV‘s Kaya in Vancouver in 2007. Wilczynski had formed the band years before that, though they weren’t very active. Cory, who drummed with Wilczynski¬†for a few jam sessions, encouraged him to bring in other musicians and start recording and performing. Before the band’s hiatus, Bonnie Dune performed shows in California and were planning to tour.

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