Benedict Cumberbatch Solves The Counting Mystery on Sesame Street

Posted on February 4, 2014 by

Unlike the muppets of Sesame Street, we know that actors aren’t the people they play on television. But like the muppets of Sesame Street, there are moment where we’d rather forget reality and pretend those celebs are their characters.

Take, for example, Benedict Cumberbatch who makes such a perfect Sherlock Holmes on TV that Murray the muppet, or rather Murray-oriarty, is compelled to ask him to solve a mystery and because he’s such a gracious Englishman, Benedict Cumberbatch, sorry Benedict Sherlock, obliges. But unlike his television counterpart on Sherlock, he isn’t afraid to ask for a little help which comes in the form of one county vampire.

It’s seriously the cutest thing we’ve seen all day and we’ll probably watch multiple times before we get back to work (sorry, boss).

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