Plug In Stereo’s Trevor Dahl On His First Instrument and Working with Cody Simpson

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You may not remember the name but trust us when we say you’ve definitely heard the sweet songs of Plug In Stereo. The one-man band comprised of Portland native Trevor Dahl has toured with the likes of Dashboard Confessional and, more recently, Cody Simpson, and even had a hand in writing the ultra sweet “Truly Madly Deeply for One Direction!

ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos flips through the oh-so-curly haired one’s Instagram to help himself get acquainted with Plug In Stereo beyond the music, and what better way to learn more about Trevor than to ask him about his snapshots in person?! With a good and mighty selection of pictures in hand, Trevor talks about his first instrument, song writing and what it was like working with Cody Simpson, and Megan and Liz!

Simon also asked him the one question he will never answer. What was it? You gotta watch the video to find out!

Plug In Stereo’s latest EP A Little Peace is out now!

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