Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rule The Stage at the Super Bowl

Posted on February 3, 2014 by

There’s nothing more disappointing than a less-than-thrilling championship game but luckily for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers made everything exciting again — at least during the half-time show.

Decked out in a gold jackets from Saint Laurent (the same French fashion house that dresses Daft Punk), Bruno Mars and his trusty band the Hooligans performed a medley of the singer’s retro-infused-pop hits with much of the enthusiasm that was missing from the game. The set opened with a a group of kids singing “Billionaire” with him making his grand entrance surprisingly behind the drum kit. He then ran through “Locked Out Of Heaven,” Treasure,” and “Runaway Baby” before The Red Hot Chilli Peppers took over for one song.

It doesn’t seem as age (lead singer Anthony Kiedis is 51 years old) has caught up with the RHCP’s performing abilities. During their performance of “Give It Away,” they matched Mars’ energy bar for bar. Keidis and the Flea’s shirtless status was probably the most skin we would see during the Halftime show (and probably future ones) thanks to Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate fiasco ten years prior. Oh, the media and their aversion to female nudity.

Mars then ended the show with “Just The Way You Are” with members of the Army dedicating the song to their family back home.

Mars’ Halftime show was a solid performance and the perfect follow-up to Beyoncé’s tour-de-force from last year. While he didn’t exactly turn-off the lights, he did provide the high-light of the night and made it worth it to have sat through a “Runaway” game (heh).

We just hope next year’s Halftime performer can continue this brilliant streak of performances and, if anything, no one can be as bad as the Black Eyed Peas or as controversial as Janet Jackson’s nipple.

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