Reign Recap: “Sacrifice”

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Bash and Mary walking in the Blood Woods in 1x10

Since last week’s recap turned into a Toby Regbo appreciation post, it’s only fitting that this week is in admiration for Torrance Coombs. Finally ten episodes into the season we get some background on one of the main characters. I’ll fill you in on Bash’s history in a bit but first, a few housecleaning points.

Last week, Nostradamus was stabbed in the neck by Clarissa. This week neither of them are mentioned. (I wouldn’t want to be the person who find that body two weeks later, yikes).

Catherine is still Catherine and makes herself real comfortable in her prison cell. Even in the basement she still gets guards to do her dirty work and tries to poison and kill Bash to regain her title in Court and have Francis as the next King again. In “Sacrifice” we also get to see Mary’s ladies in waiting interact with Catherine, keeping a watchful eye on her and blackmailing her about revealing her plot to kill Bash … And she’s still not a fan of Kenna.

You need to know that Francis wasn’t lying last week. He really is taking advantage of his freedom and wasn’t in this episode at all. Let’s hope he comes back soon — I already miss that beauty.

King Henry was also away from Court this week, which put Bash in charge as acting Regent. It was fun to finally get some insight into what royals do as nobility on a day-to-day basis (other than sleeping around with people in Court). Bash is forced to listen to the problems and grievances of the villagers and make decisions on how criminals should be punished.

This new title and job helps introduce two new characters, Alec and Isobel. Alec (played by Daniel Fathers, Uncle Brown from Camp Rock) is Bash’s bodyguard and Isobel (Amy Forsyth, she’ll be in Degreassi) is a pregnant thief.

As we quickly learn, Isobel isn’t just a young criminal, she is also Bash’s cousin … and the daughter of a traitor. To save Isobel and her baby (since she went into labour at Court), Mary plans to help Isobel escape the castle with Bash. Considering there is a baby on the way, things go well that is until Bash, Mary, Isobel and Alec have to go through the Blood Woods to avoid being killed by Catherine’s men (who she sent after them to kill Bash when the poison plan failed). The four set up a tent in the woods to deliver Isobel’s baby, but the Blood Woods isn’t a safe place to be and their camp is attacked by pagans late in the night. To save themselves, Bash, Isobel and Alec chant a heretic prayer, and Bash must admit to Mary that his family is heretic. Queen Mary is a Jack of all trades and delivers the baby. That must have been uncomfortable (besides labour pains) having a queen deliver your baby, and your cousin and his bodyguard helping you through labour.

Send in an order for pink balloons, it’s a girl! Everybody loves a great baby episode but with joy comes tragedy in teen dramas. Unfortunately, Isobel bleeds out from the birth and dies in the Woods. What’s worse is Bash is forced to return to Court with her body and claim he killed her since she was an escaped prisoner.

“Sacrifice” showed a different side of Bash as he turns into a family man after learning more about his relatives. In the end he even admits to Mary, “I’m not Francis. My duty will never be to some country, some land, some throne. If I’m married to you, you’ll be my family. I’ll be in it for you, only you.”

This episode took on religion, a very controversial topic. Through the pagan attack on the camp site, Bash compares catholicism and paganism. He says, “Most pagans are just like us Mary. They live and they pray and they struggle, exactly as we do. They just happen to see something different when they picture God.”

Looking stunning as acting Regent in royal attire, seeing the despair in his eyes when his cousin dies in his hands and seeing him cradle and care for her baby girl will make your heart melt and love Torrance Coombs. No matter which couple you ship, the powerful and emotional acting by Coombs is undeniable in this episode.

Bash sad when his cousin dies in 1x10


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