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Anna Kendrick Wonders If She’s Beer Commercial Hot

Posted on January 30, 2014 by

Anna Kendrick does it again. In an endearing way much like Jennifer Lawrence’s whole attitude on talking in public, the Pitch Perfect star muses on what kind of hot she is in this anti-Super Bowl ad by Newcastle beer.

In it, she pretends to get ready to film Newcastle’s Super Bowl ad and was initially flattered that they thought of her. She then backs out because they didn’t offer her enough money for the ad. (Cue Beyoncé’s “Diva”: Diva is the female version of a hustle, of a hustla…)

If it’s any consolation, Kendrick, we think you’re hot, and it’s not just because we want to be your best friend. (Okay, it is totally that and we don’t mind if you steal our imaginary boyfriends because you’re like, super cool and all… So let’s be friends?)

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