The Originals Ep. 12 Recap: Dance Back from the Grave

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Ding-Dong! The witch is dead!

In an attempt to complete the harvest, Davina was sacrificed last week and, sadly, she was not brought back to life. Celeste stole Davina’s power, and you’re about to find out what happened next.

The Originals


I’d like to introduce you to Papa Tunde. A long time ago, he was kind of the spokesperson for the French Quarter witches. A powerful warlock, he practiced sacrificial magic and vanquished his enemies. That’s more, or less how his Tinder profile would read anyway.

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In a flashback, Marcel divulged how Papa Tunde fit into the equation. Papa T was infringing on Klaus’ territory a century, or so ago, so he killed Papa Tunde’s twin sons and presented him with their heads. Needless to say, Papa T swore revenge. Back to present day, Papa T was resurrected by Celeste and left two dead vampires to be found with his Papa Tunde insignia on their forehead. Papa T then moved on to Rebekah and harvested her Original power leaving her unconscious.

Sophie explained that the purpose of sacrificial magic is to gain more power with every murder committed. She later told Elijah and Hayley (once they found Rebekah’s body) that to unbind Rebekah from Papa T they’d need witches blood. Lucky for them, Hayley’s unborn baby is a ¼ witch! She offered her wrist to Elijah for him to bite and Rebekah was saved. The end.

The Originals


Just kidding, it gets even more messed up.

Next on Papa T’s list was Marcel, and he met a similar fate as Rebekah. Cami, who had been getting chummy with Marcel before he was left for dead by Papa T called Klaus and told him to come help Marcel. Klaus jumped Papa T, and since Rebekah was freed Papa T lost his surge of power and fled. Cami offered her blood to Marcel to save him, but not from her wrist. She let him go for her neck, while Klaus looked on jealously.

Courtesy of another flashback, we gained insight into Papa T’s original reason for being in the French Quarter all those years ago—Marcel summoned him to get Klaus to skip town, so he could finally be with Rebekah. It’s a bit of a twisted Grand Gesture, but I’m sold (and so was Rebekah, who told him if he wants Klaus to high tail it outta there, he just needs to find Mr. Mikaelson– the only person Klaus ever feared: their dad).

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Klaus told his minions they must decide if they will fight alongside him, or leave now. Some of them left, but most of them stayed. Klaus later asked Sophie why a warlock (namely Papa T) that he killed 100 years ago was back, and she said it was the harvest–someone hijacked the power and brought back four witches, just not the right ones (namely Davina).

Papa T went on a bloody binge, and then handed his special knife over to Celeste (who is still Sabine’s body FYI) and offered himself as the final sacrifice for Celeste to harness all the powers IN THE WORLD (or a good chunk of it, anyway)!

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