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“Midnight Memories” Will Be One Direction’s Next Music Video

Posted on January 27, 2014 by
One Direction with old ladies on scooters in the new Midnight Memories music video

If you occasionally have a life outside of fangirling then you may have missed the news. One Direction have announced that “Midnight Memories,” the title track of their latest album, will be their single.

Liam Payne proclaimed the good news in a video on Friday, with some help from Niall Horan.

Louis Tomlinson would tweet about “Midnight Memories” later during the weekend:

While it’s not my favourite song off the album (there’s too many songs to choose from), what it does mean is a new music video from the lads.

The official 1D twitter account had been teasing fans with snippets from the upcoming music video, releasing gifs on their Tumblr page over the weekend.

Here’s a look at what we can expect to see this Friday in the “Midnight Memories” music video:

No matter how old they get (Harry is the youngest and he turns 20 on Saturday) they will still be silly boys — but that’s why we love them.

Where can we get our hands on a Midnight Memories record?

I don’t know where they found this guy but he’s got some sweet moves!

Well, that looks unenjoyable. I think a “bless you” is in order.

Are you excited for a new 1D video? What’s your favourite song or songs off the album?

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