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The Vampire Diaries 100 Episode party

Vampires, werewolves, vampire hybrids, ghosts, witches, reunions, friendships, relationships, love triangles and deaths. This pretty much sums up The Vampire Diaries.

Not only does the beloved supernatural series return tonight from a six-week winter hiatus, the show will also be celebrating its one 100th episode, “500 Years of Solitude.”

Current and past cast and crew members celebrated the milestone with a 100th episode wrap party last November in Atlanta — the set of Mystic Falls. The party was decked out with all the makings of a great night including a red carpet and a giant cake. The cast released a special message to their fans regarding the milestone on Facebook:

Tonight’s episode, “500 Years of Solitude,” will have the characters reminiscing on the past five years as they remember all the trouble Katherine Pierce caused them now that she is on her deathbed. As a staple on the show, there will be lots of drinks to go around — both the alcoholic and blood kind. Fans will also get to see more of Katherine’s story as we’re transported back to 1490.

In light of what’s to come tonight on TVD, here’s a little flash of just some of the most memorable moments from the 99 episodes of the show.

The theme of love is a strong focus on the show. Here are some of the best relationship moments.

For all you Damon and Elena shippers, here’s a fan video of the best Delena moments from the first three seasons:

For Stefan and Elena fans, take a look back at the start of their relationship with a fan video of some of the best Stelena moments:

So many shippable couples: Stelena, Delena, Forwood, Klaroline, Beremy, Steroline, Mebekah and unfortunately that can cause a lot of drama in a fandom.

However, here’s a look at some of the best friendships on the show that I think everyone can agree on.

Stefan and Lexi

(Warning: this video requires a Kleenex box to get through it)

Damon and Alaric

(Warning: so does this one)

When it comes to TVD, it’s just too much to ask for friendships not to end in death. We can’t forget the fact that Elena’s brother Jeremy and her best friend Bonnie both died (fortunately it’s a supernatural show so they are both back now).

Here are a few characters who we loved and lost and have not made a reappearance … yet.

Aunt Jenna

She was one of the first to die in the supernatural world. I definitely shipped Dalaric and wish they had gotten a real chance at love.


It was really nice to see Damon being good (for Damon anyway) on his own and finding a friend in Rose.

Kol Mikaelson

Okay, so he was a badass Original vampire hellbent on destroying our little world in Mystic Falls, but Kol Mikaelson was hot and definitely had some good moments. And who doesn’t love a guy in a tux?

What are your favourite moments from The Vampire Diaries?

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