Say “Baby, I Love You” With These Rob Ford Valentine’s Day Cards

Posted on January 22, 2014 by
Rob Ford Comedic Valentine Card

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away and what’s the best way to tell the love of your life (or of the day) “I love you?” With Rob Ford Valentine’s Day cards of course!

Toronto-based graphic and print designer Scotty of scotty2naughty.com has capitalized on the Toronto mayor’s reign of idiocy by turning his flaws into lovely sentiments. The holiday cards are fun-shaped cut outs that feature hilariously cute cartoon images of Ford. Of course being Valentine’s cards the saying have a “romantic” twist to them.

Scotty is selling the cards in packs of six with some of the best ones being, “you’re like a subway, I can’t afford you but I want you anyway” and “Valentine, I’d take a crack at you.” Basically, it’s the one time we’ll ever call Rob Ford cute and quaint:

Would you buy these as a Valentine’s day gag? Who would you give one of these cards to?

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