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Austin Mahone Will Drop His Next Single “Mmm Yeah” This Sunday!

Posted on January 22, 2014 by
Austin Mahone on the set of his Aquafina FlavourSplash commercial shoot

SURPRISE! Austin Mahone announced Thursday that his next single, “Mmm Yeah” featuring Pitbull, will drop this Sunday!

The 17-year-old pop singer first teased fans by letting them know he had an surprise for them yesterday on Twitter. He then took his sweet time to announce the title of his next song — news that was well worth the wait.


As if a new single isn’t exciting enough, Mahone will star in an Aquafina FlavourSplash commercial (pictured above) featuring “Mmm Yeah.” The commercial will make its premiere during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Mahone is the Digital and Brand Strategist for Aquafina FlavourSplash in which he helps the company to create a brand that encourages teens to “Make a Splash” in what they’re passionate about — but that’s not all.

Mahone will also be performing the new song live at PepsiCo’s Super Bowl kick-off celebration in New York City January 29. From commercials to contests, we’re sure as an ambassador for Aquafina this is just the start of a long Mahone filled year.

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