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Top 5 Reasons Taylor Swift Is My Ideal BFF

Posted on January 21, 2014 by

You’re walking a bunch of golden retriever puppies in the park. You’re buying popcorn at the movies. You’re jumping off the dock at a beautiful cottage making a half-heart in the air. But you’re alone – you need a BFF. Someone to help you wrangle those cute dogs; someone to share the extra large size so you can get a free refill, someone to complete that heart to give you your new profile picture.

If you’re looking for the perfect BFF to accompany you through these wonderful moments, you need to know Taylor Swift is the ideal BFF. Here’s why!

1. If pointing while dancing is your thing, Taylor has you covered.

Taylor Swift Finger-pointing dance moves

SOURCE: Tumblr

Had she not been born with the voice of an angel, she’d probably be choreographing the next big finger dancing-movie (starring Jessica Alba’s pinky fingers and Channing Tatum’s left thumb).

2. She’s very forgiving and grateful.

Taylor Swift Smiling

SOURCE: Tumblr

If you ever got into an argument (which would be rare, obviously), you could show up on her front porch the next day with a couple of ice cream sandwiches and she would instantly turn her frown upside down with an ‘aw shucks’ face and you’d be right back on BFF street.

3. If you’re too young or have been too lazy to get a driver’s license, you can still enjoy all the benefits of the back seat with Tay.

Taylor Swift in a car

SOURCE: Tumblr

There are comfy seats, unobstructed views out the back window, and plentiful selfies.

4. If you’re allergic to grass but still want to go on a blissful nature adventure with your BFF to snap some great Instagram pics, Taylor’s voice will overpower the sound of your sneezing. 

Taylor Swift in a Field

SOURCE: Tumblr

And she probably always has a handkerchief at the ready for any drizzle.

5. If you’re looking for more than one BFF, Taylor Swift also has a lot of really cool friends.

Taylor Swift hugging Jennifer Lawrence

SOURCE: forfashion.tv

She’s like a BFF magnet, so even if you and Swifty ever grow apart (only because you’re focusing on your own passions and only have time to catch up every now and then) you’ll have several other options of celebrity besties to fall back on, like J Lawr (you can call her this when you’re her BFF).

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  1. Emma says:

    It would be so cool to have Taylor as a BFF

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