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Jennifer Lawrence Hates Spoilers Just as Much As We Do

Posted on January 21, 2014 by
Jennifer Lawrence

As we all know by now, Jennifer Lawrence is a huge fan-girl.

She freaked out when Jack Nicholson started hitting on her backstage at the Oscars last year, the cameras caught her running away from Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con and at the SAG Awards last weekend, she professed her love of Homeland to the show’s Damien Lewis.

But somewhere between JLaw telling Lewis just how much she loved his show and her and Lewis trading jokes, both of the show’s host decide to spoil season three for Jennifer Lawrence who’s only seen seasons one and two.

Her reaction is flawless. Not only does she go through those ten seconds of disbelief, she also tried to explain all the emotions she’s was going through after she heard the spoilers. Basically, it’s how we would’ve reacted, except she was much less angry and she’s not using gifs on Tumblr to show the world her emotional distress.

Watch Access Hollywood Spoil Homeland for Jennifer Lawrence below!

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