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The Story of How Drake Auditioned for Degrassi

Posted on January 18, 2014 by

Drake may now be an accomplished rapper, but we’ll still always know him as Jimmy from Degrassi. Stopping by on Jimm Fallon the other night, Drizzy let us in on what he did before he auditioned for his breakout role.

“I actually did something that I probably shouldn’t have done…That starts with a “W” and ends in “eed,” he said.

Prompting Jimmy to ask, “Really! Had you done it before?”, Drake’s  story got little worse…

“No, that was my first time. And we did it out of a…starts with a “B”ends with an “ong.”

Not exactly making it hard for us to guess there huh, Drizzy Drake?

Thankfully enough, his audition was good. As Drake says, “I ended up getting the call back and getting the role.”

Well who would have thought?! Maybe trying that stuff out was exactly what the producers wanted from him. And since he’s hosting SNL tonight, I wonder if he’s  going to pull any of that for the audience!!

But in all seriousness, we’re not endorsing drugs. Doing drugs before anything serious might not be a good idea at all.

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