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Kevin Hart Spills Juice on Jay Z

Posted on January 18, 2014 by

Kevin Hart may have already made it as a comedian. But when it comes to fangirling and awkward moments, he’s just like the rest of us.

In the video, Hart recounts the time when he ran into Jay Z and Beyonce at the club. And because he’s tight with the couple, he decided to hang out with them and have a drink.

But that’s as fabulous as the situation goes. As Hart recounts,”I go to point to what I wanted and there’s a canister sitting this high. I knocked it over…it said “BOW!”…but the way it fell, it fell like THIS.  It didn’t fall off the table, it didn’t roll off. It fell and it just kept pouring out. Jay Z was sitting right here..it was just pouring on his lap!”

But it wasn’t just Hova he spilled juice on…

“I don’t know where Beyonce popped out from, but somehow, her feet popped out from underneath him and she was like, “AHHH JAY! What’s all this on my feet?!”

Yikes. But like the fixer he is, Hart had one offering. He slapped a $20 bill on Jay’s hand like it was the only solution. Jay on the other hand, was shocked and unimpressed.

While I’m sure the two have made up, Hart also talked about meeting President Barack Obama. And like any normal person would, Hart had a complete fangirl moment when Obama called him “Kev.”

Offering his own nickname for the president, Kev now wants to make “B Boogie” Obama’s new name.

But sorry, I don’t think that’s going to happen.




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