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Stars React to Justin Bieber’s Latest Scandal

Posted on January 17, 2014 by
Justin Bieber

It’s nothing new for Justin Bieber to be in the spotlight but in the past year or so, it’s like he’s been making news for all the wrong reasons.

His latest scandal involved a police raid on Justin’s Los Angeles home following a vandalism investigation.

His unnamed neighbours claimed that the star egged their home on January 9, causing approximately $20,000 in damages — which makes it enough to call the crime a felony. Lucky for fans, Bieber was not arrested during Tuesday’s raid on his homestead. However, his friend, rapper Lil Za (a.k.a. Xavier Smith) was taken in on a narcotics violation after police reportedly found cocaine in the house.

While many other people may be tired of Justin’s antics, some celebrities have spoken out on the 19-year-old pop star’s latest headline.

The first in on the action? Singer Nick Jonas (a somewhat rare Twitter user) tweeted on January 10 that he didn’t know people still even egged houses — more or less an indirect jab at Bieber.


Community‘s Joel McHale addressed the issue Tuesday (Jan 14) on Conan saying The Biebs is, “a fucking idiot” and that he has so much money and time on his hands he’s egging people’s houses out of boredom.  

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki tweeted on Tuesday (Jan 14) accusing Justin Bieber of letting Lil Za take the blame for the drugs, suggesting they belong to Bieber.

Following these two, actor Drake Bell caused some drama on twitter yesterday calling out Justin Bieber. Bell told Bieber that instead of causing problems in his neighbourhood he should practice his guitar. He also wondered how much he was paying Lil Za to take the heat for the drug arrest. He later deleted the two tweets.

He did leave this one though:

Justin’s friend Milk Tyson replied to Bell, tweeting 10 times to Bell demanding they confront each other and that Bell apologizes to The Biebs.










Maybe Tyson should take his own advice and stop being a bully?

We get it. Though a bit over dramatic, Tyson is just trying to stick up for his friend. And he isn’t the only one.

Kelly Osbourne basically said what we’re all thinking…

Also on Justin’s side? Maejor Ali (an American music producer who has worked with Bieber) and Kylie Jenner. Ali tweeted that there are much bigger crimes the police department should be worrying about than egging. Jenner was one among thousands of fans/twitter users who retweeted his statements in support of Bieber.



What do you think about the whole debacle? Was it overblown? Or did Justin deserve the harsh treatment?

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