It Gets Weird As Jimmy Fallon Reads #AwkwardDates Tweets

Posted on January 17, 2014 by

Is there really a difference between a bad date and an awkward date? Because in my mind, they’re one and the same as that one terribly awkward moment is usually the point of no return. And because I’m a terrible person, I just can’t help but love hearing about other people’s terrible dating experiences.

Enter Jimmy Fallon, who apparently loves hearing awkward dating stories — just as long as they’re 140 characters or less. That’s right folks, #AwkwardDate was the latest Late Night hashtag and it was all in honour of the return of the world’s shittiest dating show, The Bachelor. Without spoiling anything, we have to admit that Jimmy’s fans really delivered on this one.

Do you have an awkward date experience? Leave yours in the comments below or tweet them to us at @ANDPOP!

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One response to “It Gets Weird As Jimmy Fallon Reads #AwkwardDates Tweets”

  1. Jenna Elberson says:

    Guy picked me up for a double date, car looked like he was living out of it. I opened the front passenger door as he was removing Mcdicks bags and garbage off the seat. Proceeded to get wasted after our dinner (which was mostly silent) and his friends gave me $20 for a cab because he was my ride home and to drunk to stay awake. The $20 didn’t even get me to my house, I had to walk in a snow storm for 30 minutes to get there.

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