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ANDPOP Plays The Blindfold Kiss Challenge

Posted on January 17, 2014 by ANDPOP Staff

When it comes to avoiding work on Fridays, we here at ANDPOP get pretty creative. From talking about boys for a good solid forty minutes to playing with our girl Ellen Degeneres’ Heads Up App, we’re all about having fun.

Arguably, though, our latest challenge wasn’t so much fun as it was a startling revelation on just how much time we spend at our local dollar store. From the mind of our host Simon Mohos, we put our lips to test as we try to guess what mystery dollar store item we’re blindly snogging in the Blindfold Kiss Challenge.

So who between Simon, our video editor Jacob Morris, our web editor Portia Baladad and our friend Brigitte Truong has the best lips? Who hated this challenge the most? And who got weirdly specific over one particular pink toy? Watch the latest episode of Freaky Fun Friday to find out!

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