Vanessa Hudgens Tries To Escape From Her Past In Gimme Shelter

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Vanessa Hudgens is back on the big screen in her new movie Gimme Shelter and we’ve got a preview of the edgy Hudgens as Agnes “Apple” Bailey.

Based on a true story, Gimme Shelter follows Apple, a girl living on the streets with no other choice than to follow her mother’s career path as a prostitute. Wanting a better life for herself, Apple ventures off to New York to find her father, a wealthy wall street broker. When Apple becomes pregnant she is forced to leave any family she’s known and make a new one for herself with the help of a local chaplain.

The newly released clip shows Apple (Hudgens) meeting with her councillor as she struggles to escape from her mother’s care and into a safe house. With a messy cropped hair cut, facial piercings, tattoos and tattered clothes, Hudgens is far removed from her glamorous real life self in her latest movie project.

Gimme Shelter also stars Brendan Fraser as her father, Rosario Dawson as her mother and James Earl Jones as the chaplain.

Check out the emotional and chilling trailer below:

Gimme Shelter hits theatres January 24.

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