The Originals Ep. 10 Recap: The Casket Girls

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The last time we were in the French Quarter, Davina ran away from Klaus and Marcel, and started to rid Cami of her compulsion (albeit painfully, we might add).


Over 250 years ago, some single ladies made their way to Louisiana to meet up with some eligible gentlemen. They were neither proper, nor gentle, so Rebekah killed them and helped her sistas to safety. In present day New Orleans, The Casket Girl festival lives on as a reminder of how woman can be oppressed by foolish men.


Cami suddenly remembered all the things Klaus had her do under his compulsion thanks to Davina’s spell. She wasn’t thrilled when she found out her uncle knew all along about the witches’ murdering her twin brother. Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah then banded together (there’s a dream team if we ever saw one) to find Davina.

Sabine told Sophie that Davina wasn’t with Marcel, ergo they could perform magic without being caught, and subsequently find Davina and finish the harvest. Davina was wise to their plan, and her and Cami tried to escape amid the Casket Girl festivities. Sophie then enlisted Hayley’s help to complete the harvest by blackmailing her with the 411 on her family history. Hayley read Elijah’s journal to find out where Celeste was buried which is the key to completing the harvest.



Witches busted in on Cami and Davina, so she killed them. Problem solved! She also knocked out Klaus, Elijah, and before she could harm Marcel, Rebekah gave him the old stab in the back (literally). Rebekah won Davina’s trust after a nice little speech about how they both have been taken advantage of by men. Prior to this, Klaus had compelled Tim to poison himself and Davina, so Timmy offered Davina a swig, and they both passed out. Davina recovered, but Tim not so much. (May he rest in peace.)

Rebekah somberly narrates and says it’s a man’s world, but women are resilient, and their oppressors better watch out as Cami runs into Klaus, and claims if he hurts Davina, she’ll expose him to the world.


Meanwhile, Rebekah pays Thierry a visit and solicits his help in Operation Break Up Marcel & Klaus. We end on Elijah going through Davina’s etchings with the suspicion of them being a premonition. Lo and behold, her drawings form Celeste’s face, just as Sophie unearths Celeste’s tomb. DUN-DUN-DUUUN!

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