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Cops Raid Justin Bieber’s Home After Egg Attack

Posted on January 14, 2014 by

Police raided Justin Bieber’s upscale Los Angeles home Tuesday afternoon in response to allegations claiming that the 19-year-old pop star vandalized a neighbours home with eggs.

“We were looking for things that put him or anyone else at the scene [of the vandalism],” Lieutenant David Thompson at a press conference held after the raid.

According to the allegations, the egging took place last Thursday and caused approximately $20,000 in damages to his neighbour’s property. The alleged vandalism has been considered a felony because of this.

“I get it was done with eggs, which makes you feel it is a lower-level crime, but a felony crime is a felony crime, no matter how you commit it. It rose to the felony section and the judge signed a search warrant to go and get evidence,” he said.

“There’s an extensive level of damage. I and the sheriff take this seriously,” he added. “We didn’t do the search warrant to send a message. That’s not what we do.”

Bieber was with several of his friends, family and security detail when a dozen police officers arrived at his home Tuesday morning. The “All The Matters” singer was neither arrested or exonerated, and police say he was co-operative during the whole ordeal. However, it has been reported that one individual from Justin’s group had been arrested on a felony narcotics violation after deputies allegedly found cocaine in plain view.

The police have also revealed they have taken materials from his home to be analyzed but did not reveal what they took during the press conference. They did, however, divulge that security tapes were taken.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has found trouble in his own gated community. Neighbours have previously complained that the star has been driving recklessly in the neighbourhood.

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