July Talk Talks Team Mom and Rob Ford

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Listening to July Talk is like eating chocolate-covered pretzels. Just like the treats we can’t help but munch on as we stroll the bins of Bulk Barn, Peter Dreimanis’ rough vocals perfectly compliment Leah Fay’s sweet voice, resulting in some delicious ear candy.

In this special edition of #NoFilter, ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos sits down Dreimanis and Fay and riffles through their black and white Instagram feed. With that in hand, two thirds of the band talk stage shows, July Talk’s Team Mom and Toronto’s own Rob Ford. What is Fay doing with her hand in that one shot? What does Team Mom think about their kids crisscrossing the world to play music? What do they think of our idiotic mayor?

Well, why don’t you click play to find out?

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