Movies On Our Radar: The Tear-Jerkers

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Everyone needs a good cry once in a while. But if you’re having trouble expressing your feelings, perhaps watching something sad will help you release those pent up emotions. From lost love, fighting for survival to trying your very best to rescue your soul mate, movies provide an endless supply of heartbreaking tales.

Yes, some of these films may be cheesier than others. But I can assure you that there can be equally as touching. I know some people may laugh at those who shed a tear or two during a film, but there’s absolutely no shame in crying (after all, I did cry during the  Pokemon movie). I consider sad movies a part of keeping my emotional state a healthy one. And if you want to get in the way of that, then maybe you should watch The Notebook again because NO ONE ENDS THAT FILM WITHOUT FEELING SAD.

Lone Survivor

Based on a true story, Lone Survivor documents the 2005 mission “Operation Red Wings” where four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked to capture/kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd. But while this sounds a lot like 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty, things don’t go as planned for this team of soldiers. As problems arise that leave all but one killed, the lone survivor of the group (Mark Wahlberg) is left to find a way to fend for himself.

Movies like these cause way too much stress and emotions. And from the look of the trailer, we might just need to hold onto our friends for support during the film’s 121 minutes.

Lone Survivor comes out in theatres January 10, 2014.

The Wind Rises

Legendary Japanese director and animator Hayo Miyazaki takes his final bow with his last film The Wind Rises, an emotional look at the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the man who designed Japanese fighter planes during World War II. But while it’s a tale of hope and the joy of flying, the film also documents the hardships of his life. From the horrors of war and experiencing the loss of a loved one, I sense a lot of tears will be shed while watching this film.

The Wind Rises comes out February 21, 2014.

Winter’s Tale


If Lady Sybil’s (Jessica Brown Findlay) departure on Downton Abbey left you crying and traumatized, then perhaps Winter’s Tale will offer you a glimmer of hope. Yes, it’s true that she plays an heiress who dies in the arms of a burglar (Colin Farrell) who falls in love with her. But considering the fact that the man who loves her has the gift of reincarnation, he tries his hardest to go back in time to save her life.

Based on the novel of the same named by Mark Helprin, the chemistry displayed by Farrell and Findlay coupled with the gorgeous score by Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams makes this the ultimate Valentine’s Day flick to watch with your girlfriends (or boyfriends) who just love cheesy romances.

Winter’s Tale comes out on February 14.

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