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Lindsay Lohan is Offering A Reward for Her Stolen Laptop

Posted on January 9, 2014 by

Lindsay Lohan claims that her laptop had been stolen while she was in an airport in China. Understandable, the tabloid star is offering an undisclosed amount for its return.

To make matters worse, Lindsay is freaking out because of the specific contents on the laptop. According to TMZ, there are private conversations involving other famous celebs like “Woody Allen and Lady Gaga that she wants to keep under wraps.” She also claims there are nude photos on her laptop, but don’t worry, they’re all from professional photo shoots — because that makes it all better.

Whether there are nude photos or not, I really doubt she is worried about that – we’ve all seen Lilo naked before. She posed naked as Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine and Playboy. There must be something else on that laptop that she is trying to hide OR it’s just a publicity stunt to make us all want to see something that isn’t even there.

Oh, Lindsay. Sometimes too much press can be a bad thing.

[Via: Buzzfeed]

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