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The 5 Times Blue Ivy Was Just As Famous As Her Parents

Posted on January 7, 2014 by

It’s crazy to think that Blue Ivy is already two-years-old.

We still remember the time Beyoncé and Jay Z’s spawn became the youngest person to ever enter the Billboard charts just days after her birth! And it’s all thanks her dad including her tiny baby wails on “B.I.C.” (an abbreviation of Blue Ivy Carter, duh. Listen to it below).

It’s not like we can buy her anything that would be able to top presents from Mama Beyoncé, Daddy Jay-Z, Aunty Solange or Godmother Oprah, BUT we can make a list for her about the times she was just as famous as her superstar parents!

1. Before she was even born, Beyoncé helped Blue Ivy become the centre of attention at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and it was epic!

SOURCE: 1079ishot.com

SOURCE: 1079ishot.com

2. Blue Ivy was featured on Jay-Z’s track “Glory,” a song that he posted online when his daughter was born.

It’s just her cry, but it’s the best cry ever.

3. Blue Ivy became a TV star when she appeared on mom Beyoncé’s HBO special Life Is But a Dream.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

SOURCE: Huffington Post

I already know how great Beyoncé is but I just watched the special to see another glimpse of Miss Blue Ivy. For the record, it was her first public appearance ever and she killed it with her adorableness.

4. This Lion Kingesque picture that Beyoncé took where Jay-Z held his beautiful baby daughter in the air

SOURCE: Mirror

SOURCE: Mirror

And the whole world just looked in awe because words can’t even begin to describe how perfect this is and how famous we all know this little baby will be, if she isn’t already.

5. When Blue appeared on Beyoncé’s surprise album

SOURCE: Huffington Post

SOURCE: Huffington Post

She wasn’t even two years old and she’s already featured on Beyoncé’s best selling album! She doesn’t even realize how many stars would have killed for that opportunity. She was born perfect. Once I heard Blue’s voice on the song, it was over – “Blue” is my fave song, which makes her just as famous as Beyoncé.

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