Elle Fanning stars in a sneak peak for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “HitRECord On TV”

Posted on January 4, 2014 by

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative project has become so huge that’s it’s become a variety show. But while “HitRECord on TV” doesn’t premiere until January 18th on Pivot, this sneak preview of the show proves that it will be amazing, creative and just a beauty to watch.

In a short called “First Stars I See Tonight” featuring Elle Fanning, the actress plays a girl diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. She’s night blind with little peripheral vision and wishes to see a sky full of stars. Blending live action shots with animation, the short film is a sweet one about hope and a father’s love.

Along with short films like these, “HitRECord On TV” will also feature live performances and other projects created by musicians, animators, artists and regular people just like you from around the world.

The premiere of “HitRECord On TV” will play at 10 p.m. EST on Pivot.

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