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Hits and Misses: Kaley Cuoco, That NYE Kiss, Britney Spears and More!

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In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Kaley Cuoco gets married in a pink wedding dress, Britney Spears has questionable abs and the weirdest New Year’s Eve kiss you’ve ever seen!

HIT: Kaley Cuoco marries Ryan Sweeting in a pink wedding dress



The Big Bang Theory star and pro tennis player ended 2013 with a big bang (heh) of a New Year’s Eve wedding and entered the new year as a happily married couple! We’re totally excited for them and obviously wish them the best, BUT honestly, how do you really feel about her pink wedding dress?? Sure, Jessica Biel did it when she married Justin Timberlake, but I wasn’t really feeling it then and I can’t say I was feeling it this time around either. Maybe pink is lucky for celeb couples – after all, Jessica and JT are still together.

MISS: Miley Cyrus kissed Ryan Seacrest at midnight

SOURCE: eonline

SOURCE: eonline

It was obviously just a friendly kiss to help ring in the New Year during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014, but it still made me feel a bit awkward. I guess in the celebrity world, it’s okay to kiss someone 18 years your senior, as long as it’s for the camera. Miley seemed excited about it; she was disappointed when she couldn’t find a picture of the kiss which quickly turned into relief when she found out that someone caught the moment.

HIT: Carly Rae Jepsen snaps up the lead role in Broadway’s Cinderella



It’s confirmed! “These last few years have been a real fairy tale come to life for me, so I feel especially blessed to play this part and be reminded that you must never stop dreaming!” The “Call Me Maybe” singer told the New York Times. Carly’s 12-week run on the big stage begins February 4, 2014.

MISS: Fake tweet claims Will Smith is asking for a Fresh Prince Reunion

Someone made a fake Will Smith twitter account (@FreshPrinceWiII) only so fake Will could fake DM NBC about doing a special The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tribute episode in honour of the recently deceased James Avery (a.k.a. Uncle Phil). They even crafted a response for NBC saying 300,000 retweets would get it done. Um, no. Just no.

HIT: Scary Spice would be up for another Spice Girls reunion

SOURCE: behindthetalent.com

SOURCE: behindthetalent.com

They’ve done it before, but I wouldn’t mind another reunion — if only for a day. Scary Spice recently told The Daily Mail that she would be up for it, saying, “The truth is I was always the one that wanted the Spice Girls to continue. I didn’t want it to end and I still don’t. Even though I’ve always had my own career going on, I’m always up for a reunion. Always.” Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) already went on record saying it was pretty much over for her so a reunion would probably be Posh-less. C’mon, Victoria, do it for the fans and 20 years of never giving up on girl power!

MISS: Britney Spears is accused of faking abs for her Las Vegas show

Brit posted a pic on Instagram after her Las Vegas show and had people questioning her abdominals. Either way, we all know Britney can put on a hell of a show and always entertains, so why does it matter if her abs are real or if she wanted to enhance them a bit. I don’t think she needs the extra abs, she looks fine the way she is, but hey, why not? I’d do it!

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