Get Party Ready With ANDPOP’s Popping New Year’s Eve Playlist

Posted on December 31, 2013 by
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For one night, New Year’s Eve apparently holds a lot of potential. According to the movie New Year’s Eve, it’s the last night you can cross everything off your bucket list, get a kiss from that guy you’ve had a crush on since forever, and find true love. To all that we say screw that.

New Year’s Eve isn’t that magical. It’s just like any other Saturday night — just with slightly bigger parties and a lot more sequinned and sparkly outfits. And since we can never say no to a good party or good music, we couldn’t help but create our own New Year’s Eve soundtrack. (Who doesn’t love to pretend they’re in a movie?!)

Whether you plan on heading out tonight to join the masses or have decided to throw a party of one at home, here’s a playlist of all our favourite tunes to help ring in your New Year. Enjoy!

What songs will you be listening to tonight?


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