Hedley Tells Us How They Broke All The Rules For Their Album, Wild Life

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We know that you guys can’t get enough of Hedley because, well, neither can we. In fact, we were actually a tiny bit sad that we had to cut so much from our NoFilter interview with Jacob Hoggard and Dave Rosin.  Because we’re still in a festive, gift-giving mood, here’s everything we couldn’t fit in the first video.

In our second NoFilter interview, ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos sits down with one half of Hedley as they tell him how they broke all the rules to make their album, Wild Life, the best it could be. They also talk about setting things on fire to make the band’s ultra-cool, totally not-photoshopped album cover. So how did they do it? What did Dave look like in high school? How drunk were they at the JUNOs? Find out in this episode of #NoFilter!

P.S. Yes, Jacob! We’d love to go to a water park with you next time!

Hedley’s new album, WILD LIFE, is available now! Get the deluxe version HERE.

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