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Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian The World’s Ugliest Bag

Posted on December 27, 2013 by

Kanye West loves his fiancé Kim Kardashian so much that he gave her the one Christmas gift only he, as Kanye West, could: the world’s ugliest Hermès Birkin bag.

No, he didn’t just steal your grandma’s carpet bag for the occasion. Kanye’s gift is actually special on two accounts:

1. It’s a damn Birkin bag. Along with the Kelly model, it’s one of French label Hermès’ more popular and most expensive bag. In fact, the version Kim now totes is worth $40,000.

2. Kanye West commissioned artist George Condo (who did did Kanye’s My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy cover) to paint naked ladies and one demon-man-thing on the Birkin bag. So far, no one knows how much Kanye paid Condo for the one-of-a-kind job but we assume it wasn’t cheap.

If you think about it, Kanye’s gift is actually very telling of their relationship. Because of the price and its classic design, the Birkin is what many would call a status bag bestowing it’s owner the kind of high-class status Kim has been after for years. It also screams money and taste — Kim has much of the former thanks to her reality show but not so much of the latter (at least, before Kanye started started calling her his girl).

In addition, the bag is a combination of the things Kanye loves the most: high fashion and high art. You could argue that it’s his way to showing off his vast knowledge, deep pockets and beautiful girlfriend (who for the record, is not a hobbit. Ahem, South Park) all at once. Basically, he wants you to know that he’s killing it when it comes to living the life.

I know what some of you may be thinking: “It’s art. You don’t understand art.” No, I don’t understand art, just like how I didn’t understand why anyone would want to sit next to Lady Gaga when she wore that meat dress (again, art!), But I do know that art is subjective and “beauty is in the eyes of beholder,” and my eyes are telling me it’s ugly. So there.

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