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Dylan Sprouse Makes Light Of His Nude Photo Leak

Posted on December 16, 2013 by
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Just when we thought we moved past the era of Disney star nude photos, some stranger has decided to leak some salacious pics of another famous face. This time around, it isn’t so scandalous as the former Disney darling in question, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’s Dylan Sprouse, has decided to make light of the situation after his naked selfies hit the internet over the weekend.

Because we’re not as pervy as you lot, we’re not going to post them here. Just in case you do decide to do a little Internet sleuthing on your own time, the photo shows Dylan taking a bathroom mirror selfie sans clothes and holding his, um, package.

If the former Disney star is bothered by the whole ordeal, he isn’t showing it. He add, “n00d pic dealer” to his Twitter bio and tweeted the following on Sunday:

And this on Monday:

His twin brother, Cole, even chimed in and tweeted:

Cole Sprouse on Dylan Sprouse nudes

If that wasn’t enough, Dylan also reblogged the best Internet responses to his scandal on his Tumblr. Here’s our personal favourite from the list:

Dylan Sprouse Tumblr nudes

We know the situation would be completely different if it happened to a) someone who wasn’t a Sprouse twin and b) female Disney star. Instead of getting into a serious discussion over how unfair Hollywood can be, we’re currently happy with finally having a scandal not feel like a scandal. We don’t need that kind of drama during the holidays.


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