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Arm Wrestling and Chugging Beers With Born Ruffians

Posted on December 13, 2013 by
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If we’re completely honest, we’re a little jealous of Born Ruffians. From growing up in a small town in Ontario to travelling the world just so you can play music with your buddies, they’re living the dream. Basically, they’re getting paid to have fun and goof off with their friends. Who could argue with that?

The band themselves are a pretty fun bunch making them the perfect choice to film yet another edition of Freaky Fun Friday with. ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos has been a close friend of the band after meeting singer Luke at a party 5 years ago. Laughs were “Bound 2″ (ha ha) happen. Three fourths of Born Ruffians, Luke Lalonde, Mitch DeRosier and Adam Hindle (Andy Loyd got pizza instead) and challenges them to a number of questionable tasks. From a chugging contest to the world’s worst best arm wrestle, they do every weird thing Simon could think of at the time.

Who wins? Who loses? Watch the video to find out!

Born Ruffians latest album Birthmarks is available now!

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