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The 11 Biggest Headlines Of 2013

Posted on December 9, 2013 by
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It’s always hard to believe just how much happens in a single year. From tragedies and thrills to downright WTF moments, this year was chock full of memorable headlines. We’ve gathered together the 10 biggest headlines of 2013 so come along and reminisce with us before we herald in the new year.

Miley Cyrus at VMAs

 We could create an entire list featuring all the headlines Miley Cyrus inspired, but it was her provocative performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards that still has people talking. Clad in a skimpy skin coloured two-piece, Miley twerked her way through her hit single “We Can’t Stop” while rubbing herself with a giant foam finger and then grinding up against co-performer Robin Thicke. The stunt turned Miley into the show’s de facto most memorable moment (followed by the N*Sync reunion) and sparked discussions about slut shaming and feminism.

Amanda Bynes Gets Committed

I’ve always wanted to be BFFs with Amanda Bynes because she’s always been so cute and kooky, but when she started going overboard on the kooky, I wasn’t the only one who started worrying about her well being. Bynes made headlines earlier this year thanks to her bizarre tweets, which included a memorable lewd comment directed at rapper Drake and calling lots of people “ugly.” As time went on, we were forced to watch this one-time goddess of comedy take a downward spiral and she ended being committed to an institution after she was caught building a fire in a stranger’s driveway. Amanda finally has the help she deserved and we hope that 2014 will have her in the headlines for all the right reasons.


Paula Deen Is Called A Racist

Source: HitFix.com

Source: HitFix.com

Before this year, Paula Deen was notorious for her excessive use of butter, but now the world will forever see her as the quintessential Southern racist. It’s all thanks to a former employee who claimed that Deen regularly and shamelessly used the dreaded N-word when referring to African-Americans. Instead of denying these allegations, Deen openly admitted that she had used the taboo term. Her honesty was definitely not the best policy in her case for it cost her her Food Network contract, a book deal and a gourmet food line (which naturally included fancy butter) with Wal-Mart.

George Zimmerman Is Deemed Innocent

When George Zimmerman claimed self-defense after he shot the Trayvon Martin, people were understandably outraged. Martin, after all, was a 17-year-old kid who had nothing dangerous on him save for a pocket full of candy and a drink. Apparently, it was his hoodie that made Zimmerman believe Martin was acting suspicious – an assumption that would lead the kid to his death. Zimmerman’s eventually acquittal caused outraged, with many celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Michael Moore and Jamie Foxx publicly expressing their disapproval.


The Death of Cory Monteith

Source: Parade.com

Source: Parade.com

Probably the most shocking and devastating headline of the year was Glee star Cory Monteith’s untimely death. The fresh-faced actor was open about his previous battle with drug addiction before his sudden rise to fame that it was a surprise to hear that a secret relapse took his life. Monteith passed away in July while in Vancouver due to a toxic mix of alcohol and heroin. The cast of Glee paid tribute to their star with a special episode titled “The Quarterback” and which featured an emotional performance by Monteith real-life girlfriend, Lea Michele.

Rob Ford’s Crack Scandal

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made international headlines after the police confirmed that, after months of denial, a tape that showed the mayor smoking crack did exist. Since the revelation, a spotlight had been placed on the mayor’s his erratic behaviour, which included saying lewd comments about his and his wife’s sex life and running into an elderly councilman. Ford not only had most of his mayoral powers taken away but his one-time talk show got canned for being too expensive to produce.


Paul Walker Dies In A Car Crash

The tragic death of Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker caught everyone by surprise. In a sad case of life imitating art, Walker died after his friend and financial advisor Roger Rodas crashed the rare Porsche he was driving which then blew up in flames. His co-stars have since expressed their grief through social media and the production on the seventh installment of Fast And The Furious (which Walker was in the middle of filming) has been halted.


The Jonas Brothers Call It Quits

Source: Soup.com

Source: Soup.com

The Jonas Brothers took their fans by surprise by officially calling it quits. The news didn’t exactly come out of left field; the Brothers failed to release their album V on time, cancelled their comeback tour just days before it was scheduled to begin and then deleted their official band Twitter account. The group cited “creative differences” but don’t worry, folks. They’re still brothers first and foremost.


Royal Baby Mania

Without missing a beat, Britain’s royalty made headlines this year as Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine (a.k.a. Kate Middleton) welcomed their first spawn into the world. The baby caused quite a commotion as reporters on Royal Baby Watch dutifully camped outside of the hospital Kate was staying in. The duchess gave birth to a healthy baby boy on July 22 and the couple would later christen him Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Kimye’s Baby

The world was all ears for yet another famous baby. Rapper Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian’s offspring became one of the most publicized celeb-spawns thanks for their reputation of being two figures people both love to hate and hate to love. Let’s not forget that the baby’s name (North West) caused it’s own commotion. In true fame whore fashion, Kanye West revealed a photo of baby North on the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s short-lived talk show.

Nelson Mandela Dies at Age 95

Politician, activist and revolutionary, Nelson Mandela’s legendary life came to a halt this year, making the world bow their heads in grief. Most famous for his undying activism to end the apartheid in South Africa (for which he spent 27 years in prison), he went on to become the nation’s first black president. He was also the first black man to be voted into office via democratic election, to which he used his influence to help end institutionalized racism in the country. Though he had been ailing from respiratory illnesses for many years, Mandela’s death was no less heartbreaking.


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