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The Naked and Famous Move From New Zealand To L.A. In The Name Of Music

Posted on December 9, 2013 by
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After bursting out onto the scene in 2010, The Naked and Famous have quickly risen through the ranks to become New Zealand’s number two export.

Why only second place? Here’s our list:

1. Lorde — she told us to call her “Queen Bee”

2. The Naked and Famous — We really liked “Punching In A Dream” when it first came out. We liked it so much that we may or may not have squealed in the theatre when we heard it in Pitch Perfect.

3. Lord Of The Rings and Black Sheep — There can only be one Lord(e) in the number one spot and we couldn’t decide between hobbits and evil sheep (“Woolcome to New Zealand”).

4. Flight Of The Conchords — They’re New Zealand’s fourth most-popular folk duo, duh.

While they may be in second place thanks to a technicality, they’re number one in our hearts even if they had to move from the green pastures of New Zealand to Los Angeles to record their second studio album, In Rolling Waves (out now!).

In fact, Naked and Famous’ Thom Powers and Alisha Xayalith tell ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos what it was like to record the album in a completely new environment. They also talk about being hesitant about making the move and the meaning behind their first single, “Hearts Like Ours.”

There’s that and more in this episode of Small Talk.


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