Justin Bieber Is “Confident” In His Latest Music Monday Release [UPDATE]

Posted on December 9, 2013 by
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Monday is quickly becoming our favourite day of the week thanks to Justin Bieber. After releasing instant hits like “Heartbreaker,” Bad Day,” “Hold Tight” and “PYD” (just to name a few), it’s no wonder why Justin is “Confident” about his eighth Music Monday release.

Featuring Chance The Rapper, the singer has turned his attention away from heartbreak to possibly moving on with a more playful relationship. If it happens to be a thing in real life, let’s hope he finds a way to keep it under wraps because, let’s face it, he deserves a little privacy these days.

UPDATE: It’s a very happy holidays for Justin Bieber fans as the singer is set to release all his Music Monday tracks as a collection. Not only will Journals feature all the songs we’ve already come to love, it’ll also include videos and more tracks which feature Future, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. The Music Monday collection will be available for download for a limited time (from December 16 to January 2nd). [Via Vulture]


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