Television’s 10 Best Dance Moments

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From classic one-liners to hilarious scenes that we can’t help but laugh like idiots at, television has brought us many memorable moments.

Some of those moments weren’t always weren’t always the brainchild of a script. In fact, many of our favourite moments were dance numbers. Whether you see them coming or they feel like they’re completely random, there’s something about the cast of your favourite show just bursting into a choreographed dance number that just makes it that much better.

After Tuesday night’s episode of The Mindy Project, we felt inspired to put together a list of television’s 10 best dance moments.

1. The men of Boy Meets World dance to “Hot Stuff”

How can we forget the moment Cory, Eric, Shawn, Allan, Jack and Mr. Feeney treated their lady loves to an impromptu dance to “Hot Stuff”? Oh, how the image of Mr. Feeney pelvic thrusting will forever be implanted in my brain.

2. Ross and Monica do “The Routine”

When it comes to memorable moments on Friends, Monica and Ross’s “routine” is right up there. When attending a televised New Year’s Eve party, they decide to go back to their middle school days and recite their famous routine number ’cause that’s how they roll.

3. Dr. Danny Castellano does the “Try Again” dance

The Mindy Project has given us a number of hilarious Chris Messina moments, including the time he ran around in a speedo. This week, the show’s writers gave us another gift in the form of the Dr. Danny Castellano dancing to Aaliyah’s “Try Again.” In an attempt to cheer Mindy up after things don’t go as planned at the Christmas party, Danny gives her a special “Secret Santa” gift that she admittedly “loved.” Sigh. When will these two just give in and get together already?

4. Any time Nick Miller busts a move in New Girl 

Source: aisese.tumblr.com

Source: aisese.tumblr.com

SOURCE: melonnickmiller.tumblr.com

SOURCE: melonnickmiller.tumblr.com

Whether he’s moonwalking away from an awkward situation and trying to cheer up Jess, there’s no denying Nick anytime he tries to cut a rug. “I got the moves like Miller. “

5. Dr. Turk’s Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” dance

This scene took us back to the nineties after Donald Faison’s Dr. Turk shows off his impressive swagger during an audition process.

6. Eric McCormick and Kevin Bacon do the “Footloose” dance

Source: unpopularcoworker.tumblr.com

Source: unpopularcoworker.tumblr.com

Remember that time Kevin Bacon guest starred on Will and Grace and Eric McCormick showed off his Footloose dancing skills? Yeah me too, and it’s still one of my favourite moments from the series.

7. Stewie shakes it with Gene Kelly on Family Guy

Not only is seeing Stewie tap-dancing with the iconic Gene Kelly but this might just be the coolest thing to have happened on the show. Plus, Stewie just looks so darn adorable. Just look at his little feet move.

7) Will Smith and Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

There so many great dance moments from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that it was pretty hard to choose just one. It was also pretty difficult to shake one scene though: Will and Carlton’s “Jump On It” dance. Now every time I hear the song, I can’t help but always think back to this and break into a bit of a dance — kind of like anytime I hear Tom Jones.

SOURCE: sitcosimbrooon.tumblr.com

SOURCE: sitcosimbrooon.tumblr.com

8. That 70’s Show does Grease

When Jackie wants to get Steven’s attention, she sets off into a Grease dreamland starring herself as Sandie and Steven as Danny. The rest of the group? Well, they become the background dancers/friends.

9. John Lithgow does an Irish jig on 3rd Rock From The Sun

After seeing a Peter Connelly gig, Dick (John Lithgow) becomes suddenly enthusiastic about River Dancing. As much as I love the scene, I still think the only thing missing is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

10. Jason Segel’s disco moves in Freaks and Geeks

Jason Segel shows off some stellar dance moves in this scene from the cult hit TV show, Freaks and Geeks. Donning a silk shirt and bell-bottoms, there’s definitely no shortage of 70’s disco dance inspiration.

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