The Originals EP 9 Recap: Reigning Pain In New Orleans

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Last week, Marcel and his minions tried to take down Klaus to no avail, and he finally regained the kingdom he most craved.

This week, Klaus proposed a toast to his new followers in a celebration of their true community of vampires and assured everyone he would not use his baby’s blood to sire hybrids. For dessert, he ordered the groupies to rid New Orleans of its wolf population.


Klaus & Marcel had a meeting with the town’s authorities to ensure their city remained safe throughout the power shift between Klaus and Marcel. Marcel suggested they kill them all, except for Father Kieran, and that’s what happened.

Marcel told Klaus he pledged his loyalty, not his friendship to him. Klaus said he needed to overthrow Marcel otherwise those damn witches would kill his unborn baby, and he would not do to his child what was done to him to them. He went on to say he was jealous of Marcel, and the empire he created without him.

SOURCE: thevampirediariescanada.com

SOURCE: thevampirediariescanada.com

Marcel said Klaus taught him a man cannot be defined by anyone but himself (Oh, Niklaus, you’re so wise. *Sigh*). Klaus asked Marcel if he wanted to rule the city side by side, as equals, as friends, as brothers. Marcel agreed while throwing back whatever was in Klaus’ flask.


Rebekah and Elijah went to see Klaus and presented him with a ring that belonged to their mother who gained ownership of it from Klaus’ true father (which is the first we’re hearing of Klaus’ real dad, even where The Vampire Diaries is concerned).

Hayley had asked Rebekah & Elijah to help save the wolves. Later, Rebekah confronted Elijah, and stated he has fallen for Hayley.


When Elijah confirmed that the wolves were safe, Hayley hugged him. It looked as though they would kiss, but he said he should go and disappeared. Sidenote: Rebekah was left heartbroken after she claimed that Marcel chose Klaus over her… AGAIN.

Elijah apologized for accusing Klaus of having ulterior motives with his unborn child. Klaus said he and Rebekah could move in with him in their family home, which is as good as an “I forgive you” coming from Klaus.

SOURCE: thevampirediariescanada.com

SOURCE: thevampirediariescanada.com

Father Kieran told Klaus it was time for his niece to leave town, so Klaus went to Cami and told her to go for her own good. He compelled  her to leave, forget him & everything she learnt.

But then, Davina realized Marcel was only using her, and went to see Cami citing she needed her help because she couldn’t trust Marcel. Cami was busy packing which led to Davina uncompelling her while Cami screamed in excruciating pain as the episode came to an exciting end.

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