The Four Stages Of Being A Fangirl

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We either know one or are one ourselves. They squeal, they cry, and often lose all ability to “even,” but we all know that life would be so dull without them.

The fan girl/fan boy phenomena isn’t anything new; it’s been around since the days of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Today, the biggest or intensely devoted fandoms aren’t just limited to music or movies. They now exist within the worlds of television show and books. Just think of the Potterheads, Bronies and Whovians (who’ve been around since the beginning of Doctor Who‘s 50 year history) on your Tumblr dashboard.

…Fangirling is a natural form of expression these days…

How can you tell if you or someone you know is a fangirl? You know you’re a fan girl (or boy) when…

You spend copious amounts of your time online freaking out about certain artists, ships, OTP’s, etc., with other fans

You have the ability to work your favourite thing into any conversation, at any time.

SOURCE: Tumblr

SOURCE: Tumblr

You are fluent in “fan girl speak” and use it in every day conversation. Some phrases that are often used are “I can’t even,” “what even,” and “right in the feels.”

SOURCE: Wikipedia

SOURCE: Wikipedia

You plan your every day schedule around TV appearances, show marathons, livestreams, etc.

You come up with excuses any time someone invites you out and it conflicts with this schedule.

The Hangover 3 Jonas Brothers

Does this sound like you?

Don’t be ashamed; fangirling is a natural form of expression these days. It’s a known fact (or at least feels like it) that everybody has a fangirl living inside them. It’s kind of like a video game in the sense that the longer you obsess over something the more likely you move onto a new level of fandom.

The levels of fangirling include…

Level One: Fetus Stage

You’ve just stumbled upon a new TV show, book or band/artist and know nothing about them. You watch one episode or listen to one song and make a note to research it further later. This is where it all starts.

Level Two: Research

You’ve sat down in front of the computer and are now reading up on the band/artist or TV show cast. You’re checking out all of the Youtube videos, Tumblr posts and are preparing for level three.

Level Three: The Casual Fan

You’ve now become a full-blown fan of this artist, band or TV show and know everything there is to know. You’ve joined message boards and are interacting with other people out there who hold the same interest. You really enjoy listening to the band’s music or watch the show every week when it’s on. You post a photo here or there on social media. This is the most common level of fangirling and most people do not go any higher than this.

Level Four: The Super Fan

This is the highest level of fangirling and is not for the weak of heart.

You’ve mastered the fan girl language and are now fluent in it. You eat, sleep and breathe this artist/band or TV show. You know where the artist/band or TV show cast are at all times and what their doing with their day. In fact, the first thing you do when you wake up is check all of their social media feeds – personal and official. You even check up on their significant others. All your social media profile pictures are of them. You often lose your ability to even thanks to one adorable photo or quote and once you do, lord help everyone around you.

It’s not a stage you can step down from easily. The only way to cure it is to find another band, show, movie, book, etc. It just happens and you have to go with the flow.

Now that we have armed you with all the beneficial information about being a fangirl, which level are you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @ANDPOP.


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