The Evolution Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted on December 4, 2013 by
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This is either an improvement in Christmas sweater designs or a step down — I haven’t quite decided yet.

The designers at Digital Dudz has come up with a whole new ugly Christmas sweater experience. Just incase that sweater you have where Rudolph’s nose actually lights up wasn’t enough, you can now have an animated sweater.

You can make your sweater come alive by inserting your phone in the small pouch where you can proudly play images of a roaring fire or maybe — for some reason — Santa’s wandering eyes. Creepy! Oh! I wonder if they’ll have one of a laughing Santa where his “tummy shakes like a bowl full of jelly.”

I will admit that the idea behind it is pretty inventive and I guess if you’re going to wear an ugly Christmas sweater might as well go big, right?

[Via Fashionista ]


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