5 Ridiculous Glee Plot Lines That [We Think] Worked!

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5 Ridiculous 'Glee' Plot Lines That Worked!

This morning’s sneak peak at Glee’s upcoming puppet-themed episode is proof that the Fox show has no limitations. The show has a history of crossing boundaries with over the top plot lines and themes that make you ask, “really?” Yet, the answer is always, “Yes.” Really.

While sometimes Glee gets a little out of hand, it’s strangest and most “out-there” plot lines sometimes end up working in their favour. Glee is such a great way to escape from reality and dive into the world of the shenanigans of high school glee clubbers, so at times the lack of realism involved in these plot lines is almost refreshing.

To jog your memory, here are five Glee plot lines that were so ridiculous, that they were amazing (or at least amusing).

1) Season 3: Tina bumps her head and everyone changes places

In the season 3 episode “Props,” Tina Cohen-Chang falls second to the Glee clubs leading member Rachel Berry. In standard “be careful what you wish for” form, Tina wishes that she could be Rachel, only to bump her head on a water fountain and have her dreams come true. In this alternative universe Kurt and Finn, Artie and Santana, Mercedes and Brittany, Quinn and Sugar, Blaine and Puck, and of course Rachel and Tina swap places.. While ridiculous, it was incredible to see the Glee cast do their best impression of one another. The set was probably so much fun during filming. All we know is the episode was one of Glee’s funniest and had some great musical numbers.

2) Season 1: Terry fakes her pregnancy


Okay so remember all of Glee’s first season, full of pregnancy and relationship drama? Looking back, the concept of someone faking a pregnancy is insane, but it worked and we loved it. We all wanted Will to find out that Terry was not actually pregnant, and just lying because she knew he wouldn’t stick around. Yeah, remember when Will wasn’t with Emma? We know, we don’t want to remember that either. This was arguably one of Glee’s most gripping plot lines regardless of how far fetched and unrealistic it was. Which reminds us…can we bring back Terry? She was so funny!

3) Season 4: Sam and Brittany think it’s the end of the world.

Someone remind us why Sam and Brittany broke up? They were two blonde peas in a pod. When the pair consult the Mayan calendar and realize the world is coming to an end, they try to complete their bucket list while they still can. The result? They get married. We know. Oye Vey. Still, this is so in character for these loveable, impressionable characters, that it makes sense. A little…okay kind of? We don’t know. It was entertaining.

4) Season 3: Puck and Shelby

Okay, we do not endorse teacher/student relationships, but if any student is going to do it, it is going to be Noah Puckerman. While this is really weird because like, Rachel’s mom and stuff, it kind of made sense. He’s the father of her adopted baby, and he is pretty irresistible. It seemed natural for both the characters, and we got some good Puck solos out of it. In conclusion, we would love any plot line involving Idina Menzel.

5) Season 5: Kurt gets a tattoo and a tongue piercing. 

Forgetting the fact that Mr. Shue was weirdly serious about twerking, this episode did bring us a rebellious Kurt. While this is considered out of character by some, it is safe to say it is justified. It was great to see Kurt let loose, and the fact they spelt “it gets better” as “it’s get better” was so awful and terrifying that it was FUNNY. Even though the tattoo was fixed to say “It’s get Bette Midler,” it still made zero grammatical sense, but did make sense for Kurt. In the end, we can’t lie, we didn’t TOTALLY hate the twerking. After all, the episode did bring us a twerking Darren Criss.


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    It was actually changed to read “It’s got Bette Midler” so the grammar is actually correct.

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