Tweet2Meet With 3OH!3

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A party just isn’t a party until a 3OH!3 song starts to play.

Made up of Boulder, Colorado’s Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, electropop band 3OH!3 have been churning out the hits since 2004. In fact, it was their party-ready hits that attracted high-profile artists such as Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Lil’ Jon to collaborate with them. It was also their fun-loving attitude that convinced us that they should be our first ever Tweet2Meet guests.

Tweet2Meet is just another way ANDPOP tries to get fans closer to their favourite stars. We combed our Twitter feed for the best questions we can find. We then invite those fans to come out to ask their idols their questions in person.

For our inaugural episode, we invited super fans Amber, Janelle, Chanel, Destiny and Briana to meet the boys of 3OH!3. Thanks to them, we now know what their go-to food is on tour, their musical inspiration and what their first ever show was like (it got pretty wild). There’s that and more in the first ever episode of Tweet2Meet!

Check out photos from the interview below!

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