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Mindy Kaling Wonders If It’s Harder To Be A Teenager Today For Rookie Magazine

Posted on November 20, 2013 by

Mindy Kaling is a smart, sassy lady who I wished I paid more attention to in my own teen years.

Granted, I didn’t start watching the American version of The Office (which she co-starred in and helped write) until I was in my first year of university, Now, I’m constantly glued to my television screen thanks to her brain child, The Mindy Project, which she created, writes for, produces and stars in. I also count her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) as a bible of sorts in partnership with Tina Fey’s bestseller, Bossypants. Basically, Mindy Kaling is one badass boss lady who’s currently ruling my world.

Surprisingly enough, the 33-year-old is just as addicted with Twitter and Instagram as we are. Thus, she’s has become Rookie Magazine’s perfect choice to write about whether it’s harder to be a teenager today.

Here’s a few points from her contribution to the online magazine’s second book, Rookie: Yearbook Two.

Why being a teenager is way easier now:

You all have phones that your parents can’t hop on. My dad used to get on our landline at home and interrupt phone calls with my friends by saying, “Is this really something you can’t talk about tomorrow at school?” And I would want to die.

Why being a teenager now is bullshit:

You have to manage all your online personas. I would die if I were 15 and had to fill out a Facebook profile PLUS a Twitter bio PLUS update an Instagram to make myself appear cool and beguiling. And that’s all on top of doing homework and chores and stuff. Also, I am a perfectionist and have an obsessive personality—and it was like 10 times worse when I was a teenager—so I basically would have never completed high school if social media had existed.

And her most important piece of advice:

Don’t put anything you do on YouTube until you are 21.

Read the full excerpt from Rookie: Yearbook 2 on Vanity Fair.

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