Pretty Little Liars Recap: Night of the Living Dead

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After four seasons of watching a mysterious, unidentified blonde run around in a red coat, it is finally confirmed that Alison DiLaurentis is ALIVE! Find out the five things you missed on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, “Grave New World.”

Graveyard Party 

It’s Halloween on Pretty Little Liars so naturally the party is held in the place where all the creepy action goes down – Ravenswood. Dressed in old school Victorian costumes, the liars go on a mission to find Alison before “A” does. Little do they know, “A” (AKA Ezra) is not far behind, creeping on the girls with hopes that they will lead him to Allie. As a side note, why does Ezra call Aria to tell her to be careful? Are they getting back together? Leave it to PLL to always keep you guessing.

The girls enter the party and point out two new suspicious-looking characters. A girl by the name of Lea and a man who is supposedly her cousin. I don’t know what these people have to do with anything but I’m sure they can’t be trusted!

And what would a party in Ravenswood be without good old Mrs. Grunwald? The woman appears out of nowhere, grabs Emily and warns her to leave the party ASAP. Mrs. Grunwald aren’t you like 80? I think you should be the one leaving the party.

Meet Miranda

Meanwhile, Caleb makes his way to Ravenswood by bus and meets a girl who he happens to have a lot in common with. Thank God for Hanna’s cleavage in that Halloween costume because she may have some competition!

Miranda tells Caleb about her dead parents and sketchy uncle whom she hopes to stay with in Ravenswood. She also goes on about a bag of chips she wants to steal from the old guy sleeping at the back of the bus. But of course, this isn’t just any old guy, because when he wakes up he just happens to have the same creepy blue eyes as Mrs. Grunwald! There has to be something in the water in that city.

Later on Hanna gives Caleb permission to stay in Ravenswood and take care of Miranda. This seems like a recipe for disaster…

Hanna Channels Ron Burgundy & Spence Kicks Some “A”ss

Most of the episode consists of the liars running through tunnels and hallways trying to track down Alison, until Hanna is kidnapped and finds herself trapped inside a phone booth (or glass case of emotion, whatever you prefer to call it).

Her experience in the booth is nothing short of terrifying, as she receives a creepy phone call and gets a glimpse of Alison’s face through the window. Shortly after Miranda comes to the rescue revealing that this haunted house actually belongs to her uncle.

Later on, Spence comes face to face with “A” and attempts to kick his butt, but winds up knocked to the ground.

Mrs. Grunwald Never Fails To Creep Us Out

After finding Spence, the girls hear a scream along with a desperate cry for help that actually turns out to be a tape recording (surprise, surprise). Mrs. Grunwald appears and claims she feels that one of the liars has been touched by the one Alison fears the most. *Cough* ARIA! I’m surprised even Spencer hasn’t solved this one yet.

Alison Is Definitely Alive

(For sure this time, I swear!)

The liars follow “Red Coat” until she finally stops and takes off her red hood for the big revelation. And in the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. Alison is alive!!!!!!

Allie gives the girls more vague info telling Hanna to remember what she told her at the hospital. In case you were wondering, Ali told Hanna that “telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am” …whatever that means.

Ezra then appears out of nowhere to give Aria back her cellphone and in that moment, Allie disappears into the night.

Step away from the underage girls, Ezra!

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