Top 5 Covers of Lorde’s “Royals”

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I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be royal, which definitely makes me feel like I can relate to that 16-year-old Lorde.

I’ve had her song on repeat, but I’m thinking it’s just about time to make a new CD. Don’t worry, I’m not taking Royals off repeat, but there are so many awesome covers out there! I can keep listening to the one song, but have different versions (of course, the CD would begin and end with the original).

It’s one of the few songs that I actually love most when it’s the original version. Pentatonix came close and of course, so did Walk Off the Earth, who both made my top 5 list of covers for this truly amazing song that continues to put me in a great mood at any time of the day!

I had to start with the starlet herself, performing live (my favourite). It’s sort of serene to watch her and understand how passionate she is about the song.

I love Walk Off the Earth; they always put a tiny twist on songs they cover. They always impress.

If you haven’t seen the Pentatonix cover yet, you are living under a rock! Just listen, they are awesome!

Selena Gomez performed her own version of the song during a concert in Winnipeg (no postcode envy) over the summer.

This cover is probably farthest from the original, but just as charming. Mayer Hawthorne put a very groovy and funky spin on the song and I don’t hate it, but you can call him royalty, not queen bee!

What’s your favourite cover of Lorde’s Royals? Leave a comment below or tweet them to us at @ANDPOP!

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