WATCH: Paul McCartney Totally Invented The “Selfie” and “Photo-bomb”

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that Paul McCartney is freaking amazing, right? Right.

Well last night the former Beatle visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to not only prove that he’s still got it at 71-years-old, but also to reveal himself as the inventor of photo-bombing and the “selfie.”

Going through some retro photos from Paul’s days with The Beatles, Jimmy shared three pictures that just needed an explanation. The first one was a photo of Paul taking a photo of himself so clearly he had to take his credit in inventing the “selfie.” The second one shows him photo-bombing George Harrison. The last picture just shows the band with giant straw-like objects. They were “drinking a frozen margarita,” he says. Clever, Paul. Very clever.

Well I feel this revelation calls for a classic Stefon gif:


SOURCE: adventuresinfriartown.tumblr.com

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