One Direction fan stole Liam Payne’s underwear

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Australian Directioners seem to have some rather sticky fingers as they stole a pair of Liam Payne’s underwear! Surprisingly, they didn’t have to pull some James Bond-like moves to get them.

According to TMZ, Liam had hotel staff leave his underwear on the balcony to dry (but we still don’t know why it was wet in the first place). The fans made their move while Liam was asleep, creeping up to his balcony and stealing his precious underwear! There’s even photographic evidence of the fan and friends taking it and running away!


The story gets more interesting when, later during the same day, the girls decided to return the bright red undergarment while Liam was surfing. Photographers caught his super fan taking off the underwear to give it back to the superstar’s bodyguard (I’m sure he was thrilled to receive it).

I wonder if Liam kept it as a souvenir from his devoted fan.

Here’s my question to you, Directioners: if you went through the trouble of getting Liam’s underwear and succeeding in your mission, would you give them back? I don’t think I would. Leave your answer in the comments below or tweet them to us at @ANDPOP!

[Via TMZ]

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