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YOUR DAILY BIEBS: Bodyguards Carry Justin Bieber Up The Great Wall of China

Posted on October 1, 2013 by
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Source: Sugarscape

In today’s most recent Justin Bieber “scandal,” the 19-year-old was photographed being carried up The Great Wall of China and of course, heads are now in a tizzy.

Currently making the rounds through Singapore, Bangkok and China for his Believe tour, Justin made like a tourist and climbed The Great Wall of China. Alas, Justin is no ordinary pop star and convinced two of his bodyguards to carry him.

justin bieber

Source: Sugarscape

While many people may be shaking their heads at this rather grandiose move, who actually knows what made Justin do this. Maybe it was all done for a laugh where Justin was all like, “How funny would it be if you two carried me?” and going along with it, they actually did. I mean it is possible.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to be carried around by two strapping young men? Just throw in a couple of golden fans and a personal grape feeder, it’s any overworked person’s dream. Justin is just living it.

[Via Sugarscape and Oh No They Didn’t]


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