Lauren Conrad’s Infamous Mascara Tear Was Slowed Down For The Hills!

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We love GIFs of all sorts — cats being weird, Mean Girls, Screaming Patrick— but there is only one GIF that can sum up our sad feelings perfectly: the Lauren Conrad mascara tear. Asides from the classic “HE’S A SUCKY PERSON!” line and what my friends and I like to call “Lo hands” (they’re like reverse spirit fingers!), Lauren Conrad’s make-up assisted cry with former BFF and roommate Heidi Montag is one of my favourite moments from The Hills.

Alas, reality television rarely includes reality, this hyper-emotional moment included. In fact, Lauren Conrad revealed to Cosmopolitan magazine that the show’s producers slowed down that perfect blackened tear as it fell from her eye:

Cosmo: Are you aware that your single tear mascara GIF is one of the most popular GIFs EVER?

LC: I didn’t know it was popular, but I know it exists. You know that they slowed it down in the show right?


LC: Yeah, I asked my producer and he told me they put it in slow motion to give it a more dramatic effect. That day it was filmed I was really sad — and I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara. Whoops.

So this doesn’t happen in real life?! UGH! There goes my dreams of having the perfect camera-ready dramatic meltdown (minus the cameras). I should probably go out and buy some water-proof mascara right now or risk looking like a rabid raccoon when I cry.

[Via Cosmopolitan]

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