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Justin Bieber…To Play Robin?!

Posted on September 14, 2013 by

Uhh..what’s going on here?!  Did Justin Bieber just tease us with a potential new movie project in the works? 

On Friday night, the Canadian superstar posted a photo of the David S. Goyer and Zak Snyder script for “Batman vs. Superman” to his Instagram account. In a caption that has left us scratching our heads, he only says, “#Robin.”

We’re not entirely sure if this is true or not but I can’t say that I wouldn’t REALLY, TRULY be surprised. After all, they did choose Ben Affleck to play Batman…

However, fans should know that hours before Bieber posted on Instagram, the singer tweeted that he was maybe doing something for Funny of Die. So maybe, MAYBE it’s all just a hoax.


I suppose it’d be pretty cool to see Bieber on the big screen. After all, we can agree that Justin’s documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never just made us wanting more screentime dedicated for the Biebz!

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