Icky Firsties Will Believe Anything: Fake Prof Prank

Posted on September 6, 2013 by

Oh, icky firsties. They’ll believe anything with them being new and all.

So just imagine how scared this group of freshmen were when a man posing as their professor pretty much told them that a large majority were going to fail. Actually, I don’t have to imagine. This all actually happened to me on my first ever class so I really don’t get what the prank is. My first-year prof told us to look at who was sitting to our left and right, and said that one of those people won’t be there next year. She was right.

As for having laptops and phones in class, most profs don’t care, but do stop typing long enough to listen to everyone else furiously tapping away on their keyboards. It kind of sounds like rain and yeah, it’s kind of nice.

[Via Reddit]

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